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Monday, September 17, 2007

Do you love animals?

I love animals and you .............?
I think so many people love animals as I love them.
So I share this funny animals photos.
I think "You like them" and I wish "You like them".

I have a race, So I make hard practice.

It's so sweet. We want to like our parent like that.

Hae.....Friend, I have been prepare for our trip and you............

Do you have best friend
like that.

Monday, September 3, 2007

My Articles

I have already said "I want to write essay".
Now I try for this and I want to share it to my all friends.
Please kindly advice me for my articles.
Thank a lot.

This my first article.
Do you want to read this article...............Go

This my second article.
Do you want to read this article...............Go

This my third article.
Do you want to read this article...............Go

Monday, July 2, 2007

Jokes For Me, and You All Too

This is my collection joke from web.
Do you know how to laugh?
"Haha Hehe Hoho Hah"

Hae, What are you doing there?

Hae, Are you thinking what i'm thinking?

Hae Lady! Don't afraid.

I think, Now so many people how to use e-mail as in.

I can do so many member for my group.

That good idea.

I miss someone.

He's simple person.

Sometime We've suprise fault.

Do you want to worst job?

If you want to thin, you do this exercise.

Do you want to so many kids, but don't do that.

Do you know "When you dream of your sweet heart, that time your face .........."

Smile! See yourself as others see you. See your beauty as God created it.

I love them. So sweet.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hae........ Friend

Hi! Friend, So long no see.
Are you ok?
Good to see you again.

Do you like to swim?
He like to swim pool.

I want to change my hairstyle.
Do you think that good for me?

Hah Hah, do you want to sit with me.

Hae! Are you so fat now?
Do you want to thin?
I have a kind of exercise.

So cute.

Hae.... do you hear?

I have a Dream.
A song to sing.

Funny For .........

Hae, I think you're so pretty because your voice so sweet.
I want to see you now.
Can you show me your photo?
I'm so busy man. So I have no free time.
If can we see and talk each other, that so good for us.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Funny Funny Funny

I like funny.
I believe in you love funny.
So I want to help somebody, love funny.

Hae, can you read this baby?

Now right this time, this style

Monday, February 26, 2007


Sometime i want to write something.
So, now i try to write a essay.
Pls, can you read my essay!